Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Station system up for 17 days 0 hours
This website uses CumulusMX (3.25.2-b3245) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 17 days 0 hours.

Weather station: Davis Vantage Pro2
Total number of data packets received: 2987
Number of missed data packets: 17
Number of times the console resynchronised with the transmitter: 0
Longest streak of consecutive packets received: 483
Number of packets received with CRC errors: 9
The console firmware version: 3.00

The console battery condition in volts: 4.56 Volts
The transmitter battery condition: 1-ok 2-ok 3-ok 4-ok 5-ok 6-ok 7-ok 8-ok

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
02/12/2023 02:19
CumulusMX realtime Current 0:00:01 02/12/2023 02:19
CumulusMX FTP Current 0:04:34 02/12/2023 02:15
CumulusMX weather data NOT Current 472634:19:37 > 0:05:15
01/01/1970 01:00
CumulusMX NOAA report Current 2:19:37 02/12/2023 00:00
WXSIM forecast Current 5:19:37 01/12/2023 21:00